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Among the transnational activities is the learning mobility for students, hosted in the Ostra Elementary School, between May 23-27, 2022.

Participating accompanying teachers taught STEAM lessons in the host school, aiming, on the one hand, to develop their teaching skills in a European school, to communicate in English, to use the STEAM concept for integrated teaching, under the conditions that each of these teach subjects that are not related to science, technology, engineering, art or mathematics, on the contrary, the subjects taught are Romanian language and literature, social education and school counseling, subjects for preschool education. Under these conditions, the objectives of the project have been achieved, they aim at integrated teaching for the motivation of students to learn.

The hosting institution offered the participants real education lessons through and for Bucovina culture, traditions, customs, the soul of this event being Prof. Elena Masichevici, and the activity benefited from the support of the school director, Prof. Cristina Porfir-Boșcă, as well as the flawless involvement of the local authorities, especially the mayor of the commune, Ioan Oros.

The fifth day of the meeting of the representatives of the six partner schools also included the event entitled "STEAM - the development of life skills", a conference with European participation, hosted by Secondary School no. 10, which had both the aim of disseminating and valorizing the project, as well as sharing experiences and best practices in terms of education for the development of life skills. In addition to the presentation of the project and its importance for the schools involved, this activity materialized in a workshop, in which the participants debated and shared experiences regarding the place and role of life skills in our existence, ways of education and their development.


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